An exodus from Google plus back to our own web rings

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1. What ElseOwned by: Sheri42
What else could we ponder, write, imagine, create, together?
2. CLMOOC Web RingOwned by: admin
Interstices of Nices
3. Daily ConnectorOwned by: dogtrax
A place of prompts for making connections with CLMOOC and beyond
4. CharleneOwned by: admin
5. RunemanationsOwned by: Algot
Word of the Day and other random stuff
6. Quick ThoughtsOwned by: GregMcVerry
Greg's more meta #clmooc stuff
7. ImpedagogyOwned by: tellio
We make the road by walking it.
8. Ron's websiteOwned by: Ronald
Lot's of stuff of Ron on the web
9. Ask What ElseOwned by: Sheri42
Musings, Media, Poetry, Pondering, Doodles, Discussion: go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness
10. DogTrax Small PoemsOwned by: dogtrax
Kevin's small poems
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